Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Polish Review - OPI "Simply Smashing"

Sorry for the delay in finally putting this review up! Between some last-minute trip details and shopping (!) at a store that had some older OPI polishes for two bucks apiece, I have been keeping busy. And then there's work, of course...

Anyway, down to business. I finally got around to using the beautiful new "Simply Smashing" glitter-ific polish in OPI's Grand Slam Serena set. I absolutely adore it; I have a thing for foils and metallics, and this looks like some sort of metallic trophy -- in tennis ball color. I did think it would be a little more green before I saw the bottle (and the nails) in person, but it's still a really, really pretty color. No apparent dupes.

Application is surprisingly smooth for how much glitter is packed in there, and it came off pretty easily with acetone. It did have the odd after-effect of turning my nails a slight shade of yellow, but I can't actually complain (especially since it did come off, unlike some glitters). It also probably could have gone another week and a half before I really would have had to take it off, but I was dying to try out my new Essie polish, "Da Bush".

This color is beautiful and stands alone nicely. When I first applied it I was about to run late for work, so I waited a good day before I finally put on a coat of Black Shatter on top. It changes the look of the polish quite a lot, taking it from being trendy on its own to... being trendy because it has a shatter on top. I think I would rather wear this one alone, though I got a lot of compliments -- most of which suggested that it had a reptilian or leopard look after I put on the shatter. I think it really depends what look you are going for, but be aware that it is absolutely lovely on its own. Re: tennis ball color, I would like to see it with the white shatter that OPI packaged with Spark de Triomphe -- sort of like how real tennis balls have the lines running across them.

Want pretty pictures? My nails refuse to grow, and my cuticles hate the humidity (or rather, the lack thereof). Go look at Death by Polish or Pampered and Polished for some gorgeous pictures. 

Next up will be Essie's "Da Bush", and hopefully EuroFashion, my style, via Polyvore! Then we should have one or two more manicures before zero hour for trip time. Candidates include OPI Fiercely Fiona, Zoya Dovima (Matte), or anything I can get my lacquered hands on before I leave. Hmm, I'm going to get my hair done tomorrow, and they sell OPI/Essie... I (or my bank account) may be a goner if they have the Pirates or more Serena collections.

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