Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Coffee Lovers' Cravebox

Today's Cravebox is the Coffee Lovers' Cravebox, which was released late in 2012.

This was a pretty decent Cravebox, and I was certainly able to use/eat all of the components, but I thought it could have had a few other sorts of items included in it -- other coffee-related snacks or maybe a mug.

1. Tully's French Roast Ground Coffee - 12oz - $11.00

2. Torani - Sugar Free French Vanilla - 12.7oz - $3.99
3. Biscotti Brothers - Cranberry Blueberry Almond and Almond - 2 biscotti - $1.50
4. Barbara's - High Fiber Cranberry - 1.94oz - $0.83

= $17.32

The Tully's coffee (which is excellent) almost makes this box worth it alone -- I paid $12.00 for the whole thing (including shipping, as usual with Cravebox). I definitely like Craveboxes. I need to pay attention to see which ones are coming out in the near future!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Booklovers' Cravebox

Hello! In the continuing series of Craveboxes I have received, I today have for you the Booklovers'  Cravebox. This was a particularly fun one because it came with an advanced copy of a novel. I am embarrassed to say that I have yet to read the novel, but that has been typical for me lately. I am deeply behind on my reading. :(

This one was $11.00. It was nice, especially given the book, but I think many recipients were hoping for more "book-y" items.

1. How I Came to Sparkle Again - Kaya McLaren - $10.00
2. Alexa's Angels - Gratitudes Bracelet - $10.00
3. Natural Vines - Strawberry Licorice - 8oz - $3.03
4. Crum Creek Mills - Soy Nut Mix - 1oz - $0.89

= $23.92

Not bad at all -- and hopefully I will be able to include a book review here someday.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Knorr Ultimate Thanksgiving Cravebox

Today's catchup Cravebox post is a little out of season, but worth posting regardless.

I tried the Knorr Ultimate Thanksgiving Cravebox when it came out in November. Unfortunately, it did not ship in time for me to receive it and head home, but I did have it (and its tasty components) when I returned.

I should have expected it with the Thanksgiving theme, but unfortunately a few of the ingredients were not vegetarian and will be passed along to non-vegetarians I know.

Inside were:

1. Duncan Hines - Frosting Creations Frosting Starter - $2.75
2. Duncan Hines - Frosting Creations Frosting Flavor in Strawberry Shortcake - $0.01
3. Knorr's - Homestyle Chicken Stock - $5.38
4. McCormick - Turkey Gravy - 2 packets - $2.53
5. Del Monte - Whole Green Beans - 2 cans - $1.00
6. Brookside - Dark Chocolate Pomegranate - 7oz - $4.99

= $16.66

I paid $14.00 for the box, so the value was okay, but could have been better -- especially if I could have used the non-vegetarian products. I believe there were several coupons inside -- including for free Pillsbury dough, which definitely increased the value!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cooking Light Cravebox

Hey guys!

I must apologize for the delays since my last post. I will attempt to get caught up soon, but I have been running crazy for the past few months. The next few months probably will not be much better, but I will do my best to post a lot of boxes and some fashion posts soon.

First of all, I have for you one of the Craveboxes I received at the end of last year: the Cooking Light Cravebox.

I have not posted Craveboxes before, but this was one of my favorites. I liked everything in it, and I can use almost all of it! I paid $13.00 for the box, which was a good value as you will see.

1. Tully's French Roast Ground Coffee - 12oz - $11.00
2. Splenda Nectresse - 40 packets - $3.48
3. McCormick - Perfect Pinch Garlic and Herb - 2 2.75oz bottles - $8.99
4. Torani - Sugar Free Salted Caramel Syrup - 25oz bottle - $5.78
5. Dole Fruit Crisps - 3 crisps - $7.99

= $37.24

I have seen another Cooking Light Cravebox making the rounds in 2013. Did anyone pick that one up? If you received both, how did it compare to this one?