Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Coffee Lovers' Cravebox

Today's Cravebox is the Coffee Lovers' Cravebox, which was released late in 2012.

This was a pretty decent Cravebox, and I was certainly able to use/eat all of the components, but I thought it could have had a few other sorts of items included in it -- other coffee-related snacks or maybe a mug.

1. Tully's French Roast Ground Coffee - 12oz - $11.00

2. Torani - Sugar Free French Vanilla - 12.7oz - $3.99
3. Biscotti Brothers - Cranberry Blueberry Almond and Almond - 2 biscotti - $1.50
4. Barbara's - High Fiber Cranberry - 1.94oz - $0.83

= $17.32

The Tully's coffee (which is excellent) almost makes this box worth it alone -- I paid $12.00 for the whole thing (including shipping, as usual with Cravebox). I definitely like Craveboxes. I need to pay attention to see which ones are coming out in the near future!

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