Sunday, October 14, 2012

Julep - August 2012

Wow. This isn't behind. Nope nope nope.

So I finally received a Julep box for the "Bombshell" profile, contrary to popular belief that I entirely cancelled in May. I did skip for most of  the summer, both intentionally and not intentionally (after the Great Wallet Theft 2012, which meant I could not get ahold of any credit/debit cards...). However, once I got back and got my card, I was able to get ahold of an August box.

I did not actually pick this box, because of all of my billing troubles. I probably would have chosen the one with the teal metallic, but unfortunately, I received this set instead. I know I have some dupes, which should be compared sometime soon. The colors are:

Kim: Gunmetal grey metallic.
Harley: Liquid silver metallic chrome.

It also came with a really nice tote for the celebration of Julep's birthday. Awesome!

The nail polish remover is an interesting consistency, and has an interesting feeling on the hand, too. I sort of like it, and the push-bottle is incredibly nice to have.

Overall, not a bad box! I might not have picked it, but I definitely will use all of the products.

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