Friday, October 19, 2012

A Guide to Summer 2012 Nail Polish: Part II - Trends and the Best

So! As you saw in my OTHER post, I surveyed all of the major collections. Feel free to comment me if I am missing any summer sets!

There were some clear trends for this summer, and some gorgeous polishes, which I pulled out to list below. Also, were there enough pinks and purples? Jeez! I even liked some of them, but it felt like it took me an hour to get through them.

Dior - "Calypso" (Ever After Lacquer)
Misa - "So HOT in Sunglasses" (Vampy Varnish)
Duri - "Steal the Spotlight" (Vampy Varnish)
China Glaze - "Surfin' for Boys" (Scrangie)
OPI - "Call Me Gwen-Ever" (Scrangie)

Yellow-Tinted Orange
Zoya - "Myrta" (PolishAholic)
Orly - "Melt Your Popsicle" (PolishAholic)
Essie - "Fear or Desire" (Scrangie)
Zoya - "Arizona" (Pointless Cafe)
China Glaze - "Orange You Hot" (Scrangie)

Metallic/Glitter Purples
Zoya - "Rory" (PolishAholic)
Deborah Lippmann - "Private Dancer" (Lacquered Lover)
FingerPaints - "Movie in the Park" (PolishAholic)
Zoya - "Carly" (PolishAholic)
Essie - "Sure Shot" (Scrangie)
Orly - "After Party" (PolishAholic)

Purple Cremes/Shimmers
China Glaze - "Under the Boardwalk" (Scrangie)
China Glaze - "Beach Cruiser" (Scrangie)

Essie - "Pink-a-Boo" (Scrangie)
Orly - "Beach Cruiser" (PolishAholic)
Essie - "Off the Shoulder" (Scrangie)
China Glaze - "Flip-Flop Fuschia" (PolishAholic)
China Glaze - "Hang Ten-toes" (Scrangie)
China Glaze - "Love's a Beach" (Scrangie) Zoya - "Kimber" (PolishAholic)
Color Club - "Wing Fling" (PolishAholic)
Essie - "All Tied Up" (Scrangie)

Pink: Orange/Coral-Undertones
China Glaze - "Flirty Tankini" (Scrangie)
OPI - "Your Web or Mine?" (Scrangie)
China Glaze - "Pink Plumeria" (Scrangie)

Dark/Ink and Saturated Blues
Essie - "No More Film" (Scrangie)
Color Club - "Electro Midnight" (Scrangie)
China Glaze - "Ride the Waves" (Scrangie)
China Glaze - "Splish Splash" (Scrangie)

Rich Blue and Blue-Green
FingerPaints - "Late Night Rendezvous" (PolishAholic)
Color Club - "Sky High" (PolishAholic)
Sephora by OPI - "I'm So Sari" (Beautezine)
Misa - "Skinny Dipping" (Vampy Varnish)
Color Club - "Metamorphosis" (PolishAholic)
Zoya - "Zuza" (PolishAholic)
FingerPaints - "To-Teally Hot" (PolishAholic)
Zoya - "Wednesday" (Pointless Cafe)

Gold-Greens (aka Peridot-a-likes and Kin)
Color Club - "Sci-Fi" (Scrangie)
OPI - "Just Spotted the Lizard" (Scrangie)

Golds, Coppers, and Foils
SpaRitual - "Aurum" (My Lucid Bubble)
SpaRitual - "Gilded Age" (My Lucid Bubble)
SpaRitual - "Rusted Lux" (My Lucid Bubble)
Color Club - "Cop an Attitude" (Scrangie)
Deborah Lippmann - "Sugar Daddy" (Lacquered Lover)
Sephora by OPI - "Looks Like Rain, Dear" (Beautezine)

Highlighter Yellow-Green
China Glaze - "Sun-Kissed" (Scrangie)
FingerPaints - "Sexy Sundress" (Polishaholic)
Orly - "Glowstick" (PolishAholic)

Assorted Pretties - Not Trends
Orly - "Skinny Dip" (PolishAholic)
Zoya - "Tracie" (Pointless Cafe)
China Glaze - "I'm With the Lifeguard" (Scrangie)
Misa - "Good to Be Green" (Vampy Varnish)
OPI - "Hot Fun in the Summer-Lime" (Love for Lacquer)
Color Club - "Fly With Me" (PolishAholic)
Essie - "Mojito Madness" (Scrangie)
Color Club - "Daisy Does It" (PolishAholic)
OPI - "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" (Scrangie)
Essie - "No Place Like Chrome" (Lacquered Lover)
Nicole by OPI - "Kim Konfidential" (PolishAholic)
Nicole by OPI - "Here Kim's the Sun" (PolishAholic)  [Pictured over black.]

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