Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wantable Box - Fall 2012 Box

Hey guys!

I have a really special subscription to share with you guys today. The lovely people at Wantable were kind enough to send me a sample box with all of the products that the first quarter's subscribers received. This is their fall box.

Wantable is an extremely unique company in that it is honestly beauty-based, and cosmetic beauty-based. Right now, it is also unique in that it runs via a mobile/smartphone platform. I agree that this is definitely the wave of the future for "online" shopping, though I have seen some comments that people are not entirely comfortable with this method, so I do believe they are in the process of establishing their web-based platform as well.

Like many other companies, you fill out a profile, then are presented with a set of products (all clearly listed) that are thought to best fit your profile. You can also see other profile options and choose an option that was not based on your profile answers, if you like. I think I did in fact, however, like my original draw best! The cost of the box is $40.00, and you will see that is a tremendous bargain for some superb-quality cosmetics. Nothing in here is "off-brand," and I think the perfume is definitely from an up-and-comer, even though I was unfamiliar with Spadaro.

With Labor Day, my box took a few extra days to arrive, so I could barely wear to tear into it when it finally did indeed show up. Hence why this photo is the "after tearing"...

As you can see, everything was wrapped very neatly, with the Wantable logo sticker applied to hold it all in a nice bundle. Inside the bundle were:

I received:

Urban Decay - 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil - Full Size - $19.00
Beauty For Real - Illuminating Lip Gloss - Full Size - $22.00
Beauty For Real - Lip Pencil - Full Size - $14.00
My Face - Lil'Bling in "Gilt-y" - Full Size - $12.00
Verhoeven - Cheek Candy - Full Size - $16.00
My Face - Slinky Matte Eye Liner - Full Size -$17.70
Spadaro - Sole Nero - 2ml - $3.33

= $104.03!!! Wow!

First up I have the nail polish. This is my first My Face polish, though I am excited to receive it. I am curious if it has any dupes among my golds, and I always love the rich autumn metallics.

I think I have heard of Verhoeven before, though I do not have any other products from this brand. I cannot wait to try this as a contouring blush. The creme finish is superb.

This is a really nice, brown eyeliner. I do not have a lot of brown tones in spite of the fact that they allegedly look good on me, so this was nice to break up the huge pile of "blackest black" in the eyeliner department. It is a matte, too, which also makes it unique. I also like that My Face has a lot of cosmetics within the same line with the same names, so you can perfectly match, say, your eyeliner with your Blingtone eyeshadow.

This is a lovely shade of lip pencil that is begging to be used as an all-over lip color for a matte, don't you think?

I believe it is, however, intended to be used as a liner along with this lipgloss from the same manufacturer.

This Urban Decay shadow is probably the reason why I picked this set, to be honest. I have an ongoing, torrid little romance with Urban Decay, and I think their products are lovely. Also, this has one of the neatest tips I have ever seen. I already broke it (but was able to shove the end back in...) but underneath is another, pre-sharpened point of shadow! So nice!

Last, though I do not have a separate photograph for it, I have the Spadaro sample in "Sole Nero." I have been trying to get a lot of fragrance samples lately, so I was overjoyed to receive this one! It is definitely in a family of scents that I wear regularly. Spadaro has a pack of three scents in 2ml samples for $10.00 (I believe for all three) so I definitely will be picking that up!

I hope to be able to subscribe to this box full-time. It has some excellent choices in products, and I just loved the brands that were chosen. I have been wearing what I was sent, so I cannot think of a much better recommendation!

Let me know if any of you subscribed for other color/trend profiles.

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