Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bestowed Box - August 2012

Wow... Google changed my internal Blogger interface since I last logged in. I am a little taken aback. Hopefully it will grow on me...

So back in August I received a sample of a Bestowed box, which I was very excited to receive in the mail! I have eaten nearly all of the snacks that I received, but I somehow managed to lose the camera card on which I had the photos stored. Finally I found them, so you get to see the box!

I received:

Mary's Crackers - Sticks & Twigs Pretzels - 1 packet (estimated - 2oz) - $0.88
Barney Butter - Almond Butter - .6oz - $0.45
Barbara's - High Fiber Cranberry - 1 packet (estimated - 2oz) - $0.67
Living Fuel - Cocochia Snack Fuel Mix - 1 packet - $1.50
Sheffa - Zesty Snack Mix - 1oz - $.97
Trader Joe's - Oh-My! Omega Trail Mix - 1 packet - $1.20

= $5.67

Right now, Bestowed Box is $15.00 a month, including shipping. Although the products may end up being fairly inexpensive for the sample sizes, I do not think average consumers could actually get ahold of the sample sizes, so if you want to try these kinds of products for cheap, this is the way to go. I also like how the products are curated.

I am hoping to try Bestowed Box again soon. Let me know what you received if you had a different box for another month!

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