Sunday, October 30, 2011

Polish Review - Chanel "Peridot"

I've been hinting at this for weeks and weeks, but.... I broke down and got a little box from Chanel. And what was inside this time? The object of all of my lust and desire itself: Peridot, from the Fall 2011 limited edition shades.

A little backstory on our romance? We first met in Zagreb at the same little salon I talked about a few months ago. However, Peridot was not yet on the market, so I got to try it out without being able to buy it, and went home with Black Pearl instead, haha. I then tried to order it a few months ago, only to find it was sold out. Then I made the mistake of checking back a couple of weeks ago, annnnnd...

Pardon the box's look of already having been raided. It was, hehe. And with Peridot and my little Eye Serum sample unboxed:

Peridot came along with two samples in all: a nice little to-go size of Vitalumiere Aqua in Beige Rose 30 (my color!) and Sublimage Eye Serum.

Peridot is a beautiful trichrome, flashing between a dark, almost jungle green, a burnt gold, and (especially in the bottle) a bright blue. It's hard as hell to pick up the jungle green on a camera, and nearly impossible to get that electric blue to come through on the nail.

Mmmm. Polish porn.

Application is really nice, and only the littlest bit brushstrokey. It also lasts a very long time once it's on the nail, with just a small amount of edgewear after some pretty rough treatment. It's a stunning polish, and it looks gold at first glance most of the time, but once you notice the multichrome, you can't stop looking at it!

I like Black Pearl a lot, but Peridot, my second Chanel polish, is just stunning. It was undoubtedly worth its price, and I think it will be sought after for a long, long time.

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