Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Cotton Bunny - December 2012

Hey guys!

I apologize for the short break. I just landed back in the States after a whirlwind trip for work and research, and now that I'm back, I am discovering that this hemisphere didn't stop doing things while I was away. It's inconvenient.

Before I left, I was very happy to have been asked to review a newer subscription service that is on the market -- My Cotton Bunny. It couples feminine hygiene products with some cute "extras" to make the worst time of the month a little easier. They were kind enough to send me this box to share with my readers.

I really like the idea of the company, though I think it might be good to have an option for preferences on some of the products. I definitely think that the "extra" products are what make it really unique, and I personally like the idea of privacy in getting products. I might be alone in this, but that awkwardness never really goes away, especially if the self-checkout lines are all swamped...

It comes in a cute box, emblazoned with the My Cotton Bunny logo.

As you can see on the card on the left, this was their first shipment -- each shipment is different and includes different kinds of items each time.

In the kit was a pack of Kotex tampons, a small square of Dagoba chocolate, and a very high-quality black cami top. The chocolate was extremely good -- and I don't even like chocolate very much!

The camisole fabric is extremely thick for a camisole, and I love the logo placement. It came in a medium size, which is slightly large for me, but it's a stretchy fabric, so it should be good for most subscribers.

I think this is a cute new subscription. It is currently $13.75 a month, including shipping, which is a good deal if the quality of items stays as high as it was in this box.

To subscribe, visit

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