Blog Sale and Swap

Hey guys!

I know that I don't have a lot yet, but I figured I would put up what I do have. These are unopened unless noted otherwise.

Shipping on one nail polish is $2.50, with $.75 for each additional polish. Other items that are starred with three asterisks (***) are only $1.50 base shipping, and $.50 for each additional item after that.

If you are interested in swapping samples, please let me know!

Ballet Slippers - $3.00

Base Coat - $5.00
Portia - $4.50 (swatched once)
Sienna - $5.00

Sally Hansen
Rockin' Hard - $1.50

French Ballet Pink - $2.50

Sinful Colors
Soul Mate - $2.00

CoverGirl - TruBlend Minerals 405 [Translucent/Fair] Mineral Powder (swatched, but not used. no applicator) - $3.00
Eye Rock - Designer Liner in 4 styles (opened, but never used) - $2.50 ***
SheerCover - Duo Concealer in Light/Medium


Apothederm - Stretch Mark Cream - .17oz
Avon - Ideal Flawless Foundation - Multiple packets in every shade.
Avon - Anew Age-Transforming Foundation - Multiple packets in every shade.
Bleu de Chanel - Sample Swipe

If you are interested in buying or swapping anything, please email me at!